Staff & Leadership

The staff and leadership here at LCOSJ is comprised of men and women who love, care and pray for every single person in the church. If you have questions for any of our staff, feel free to reach out and email them or call our church office to speak with them.

  • Steve Hayden


    Bringing faith to life.  That’s my passion.  The things of God are amazing and incredible.  But sometimes they seem out of reach or like they don’t apply to our lives.  My hope is to make the Word of God real and help people to see that the things of faith apply to our everyday life.  Through this Word, God transforms us, bringing a new life, passion and wonder to our faith.

    It amazes me how God continues to work that in my own faith and life.  My life is blessed beyond imagination with my supporting wife, Carie, and two amazing daughters, Ellie and Emma.  My faith has been enriched not only through my formal education but just as much through the world life experience I received in serving congregations in Minnesota and California.  Now God has plopped this California kid in the middle of the country.  Through it all God continues to bring my faith to life. What an adventure!

    I look forward to sharing this adventure with everyone at the Lutheran Church of St. John and inviting the community of Quincy to join us as God continues His work in us of bringing faith to life.

    Pastor Steve     Office: 217.222.8579      E-mail:

  • Marilyn Humphrey


    Marilyn is a life-long member of St. John’s and member of the Ladies Aid Society.  As well as performing her duties as secretary, she also serves on the Altar Guild.   Marilyn is married, a mother and grandmother, and enjoys spending time with her family.  Camping and hiking with family and friends are among her favorite ways to enjoy God’s creations.   Marilyn loves researching her family histories and is a member of the Great River Genealogical Society.

    Phone her in the Church office at (217) 222-8579      E-mail: at:

  • Rhonda Johnson


    Rhonda takes care of the entire facility and has been a member of St. John’s her whole life.  Rhonda is married and a mother of two.  In addition to serving on the Altar Guild and participating in many other Church activities, Rhonda volunteers at her son’s school and is involved in the PTA.

  • Russ Wilson


    Russ plays the pipe organ for the 8:00 a.m. traditional service on Sunday mornings and other special services throughout the year.


    Open Hands Food Pantry Administrator

    Phone 217-222-8579, ext. 404.     Email: