I AM Grace Overflowing

And God is able to make all grace overflow to you, so that, always having all sufficiency in everything, you may have an abundance for every good deed;

2 Corinthians 9:8

Upcoming Events!

I AM Grace Overflowing Events

  • RED LETTER CHALLENGE - Starting Sunday, September 17 we will embark on a 40 day journey that simply looks to the words of Jesus and challenges us to live accordingly.  You will have the opportunity to join us with a book of daily devotions and challenges, be part of a small group and follow along in our sermon series.  This is an exciting time for our entire congregation to follow Jesus more closely.  Take the challenge to find the life God has made for you.  Sermon Series beginning September 17th.  Take home a daily journal, starting this Sunday, August 27.  Join a Small Group that begins the week of September 17 - Register Here!

  • BOO-TASTIC CELEBRATION - Saturday, October 21, from 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm, there will be a Family-Friendly Indoor Trick-or-Treat event here at the Lutheran Church of St. John.  There will be Treats. Games and lots of Fun.  You do not need to register to come.

  • SERVICE SUNDAY - Sunday, October 22, will be our Fall Service Sunday, beginning at 8:00 am for Breakfast in the Family Life Center, a Unified Service at 9:00 am, and Service Sending Prayer for us to go out into the community and serve as Jesus taught us in our Red Letter Challenge.  Service project signups will be available soon.

  •  Voter's Meeting and Lunch - Our Voter's Assembly meeting will be on Sunday, November 19, at 11:30 am with a free-will offering lunch..  You do not need to be a member of the Voter's to join us for lunch, and you can stay for the meeting as a guest.

  • RAMSEY PLUS - Discover the plan to dump debt for good, save for emergencies, and have confidence for your future.  Learn how to reach your money goals faster with Financial Peace University.  Use our budgeting tool, EveryDollar, to take control of your money.  And track your progress and hit your money goals faster with the BabySteps app.  Start your free Ramsey+ membership today!            Click here to Register



Beginning in January 2021 we set out to encourage members of our community and our church family to be I Am Grace Overflowing. We invite you to join us in these weekly challenges!

Celebrate Abundance: We recognize the bread of life and the abundance he provides. Your challenge is to celebrate abundance by writing down your blessings, sit with your family and share what you are thankful for, or end your day in a prayer of thanks!

Make Connections: We remember The Vine and realize the grace we receive when connected to Christ. Make a connection by posting your favorite bible verse at home or work to read it daily, spend an extra 5 minutes in God's work this week, use a prayer journal to remind you of prayer requests.

Follow the Shepherd: We follow the shepherd as we recognize we're part of a larger flock, help care for the flock by reaching out to a member of the church you haven't seen for a while to say hi, visit with someone at church you don't know well, or update your directory information in the new online directory.

Shine the Light: We are called to share His light with others. Your challenge is to bring light to your neighborhood by shoveling snow, dropping off homemade cookies, help run an errand or watch the kids.

Grocery Store Grace: Let's thank the grocery store workers that work hard to serve our families. Buy a treat for your checker, take minute to thanks the stocker or other employee, help a customer with groceries, let someone cut the line in front of you.

Loving the Lonely: The social distancing of COVID has caused many to feel isolated and alone. Reach out to someone you know who may be lonely or isolated by sending them a card (church office can provide names), or make a treat bag and drop them off at nursing home or home-bound friends.

Window Work: Everyday of our lives we spend time looking out a window (car. home), brighten someone's day offering to wash someone's car windows the next time you get gas, or leave a note of encouragement on a windshield of a friend or stranger.