We have an amazing God, who does amazing things! At the Lutheran Church of St. John, we focus on God's love given to us in Jesus Christ. We respond to God's love by growing in faith through hearing God's Word in worship and studying together in our small group opportunities. All ages gather in faith to encourage one another in our women's ministries, men's ministries, youth and children's ministries. Then together we serve in faith, sharing God's love with our community. We invite you to join us in receiving and responding to God's amazing love in Jesus.

Greetings Everyone,

Anyone tired of all this yet?  I know I sure am.  And I know as I have had a chance to talk to many of you on the phone this week, you are getting tired of it all too. 

One of the things that can help is keeping some of your regular routine.  Worship is part of that.  Attached are links to this week’s worship videos.  I have also added a Sunday School video from the Discovery Den.  Make this as normal as possible.  Get dressed and ready for church, gather your family together, put the video on your TV if possible and participate in the song options, readings and prayers. 

Sunday School in the Discovery Den – other Sunday School Resources are available by visiting the Discovery Den Facebook page

Scripture and Readings

Children’s Message

Sermon and Prayers

Playlist will play 3 worship videos (Scriptures, Children’s Message and sermon) one after the other

Open Hands  - Your food pantry remains open and continues to serve those in need.  This last week we served 70 plus families in  our drive up food pantry.  In addition to that Erica worked hard to deliver food to Lampe High Rise, Fredrick Ball, The Veteran’s Home, The Senior Center and other various locations.  I am thankful that through Open Hands our congregation continues to be Grace Overflowing. 

Thank you for your continued prayers, your offerings, and your service to your family during this time.  I continue to pray for each of you that God would strengthen you and provide what you need to meet the challenges of this time. 

The Lord be with you.

Pastor Steve

Rev. Steve Hayden, Senior Pastor

Lutheran Church of St. John; 3340 State St., Quincy IL 62301

Office: 217.222.8579 pastor@lcosj.org


REMINDER:  If you haven't already done so, please access the re:Vitality online survey at www.lcms.org/survey/revitality and enter congregation code:  C749392.  Your responses to the survey will be completely anonymous.  It is important that you are honest so that we can have an accurate assessment of where our church is and answer the question, “Where are we…really?”  Please complete the survey by this Sunday, March 29th, if possible, or Monday would be okay.

Grace Overflowing

       Bringing Faith to Life through God’s Unchanging Word

In light of the serious nature of the Coronavirus pandemic, we are going to have to make some unwanted sacrifices in regard to our worship life for the next few weeks. As of today, we will not be holding public services.  We are working on making worship resources available online and will have information to share very soon.  It pains us all to be in this situation, but we have an obligation to follow the advice of our government on the one hand and on the other hand to do our best to look out for those who are most vulnerable.  In the face of this crisis we need not panic. The church has survived other such pandemics in the past and because we have a gracious God the church will survive this as well.  In the meantime, pray for our church, pray for our nation, pray for all nations as we struggle together.  Stay engaged in God’s Word and hopefully soon we will gather together again in the Lord’s house.

Please check back for further information.

Worship Times:  Sunday mornings at 8:00am (Traditional) and 10:30am (Contemporary)

                        Wednesday evenings at 6:00pm (Casual)

Our Lenten worship services at The Lutheran Church of St. John are cancelled.   Please share this information with your fellow members and keep everyone in your prayers. If you did not pick up the LHM Lenten devotion booklet, you can access today's devotion "CAST OUT, BROUGHT NEAR" online at https://www.lhm.org/dailydevotions/default.asp?date=20200318.

Please read a response to the COVID-19 at the Lutheran Church of St. John:



Women's Conference 2020

Spend the day with us as guest speaker, Jill Savage helps us to accept imperfect and embrace real life! 

$30/Person, lunch included!


In the NOTE section, enter your name, email, and the number of tickets you wish to purchase.

For more information visit the event on Facebook or contact Erica Perry-Broekemeier at openhands@lcosj.org 



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Watch for further information.

Daddy-Daughter Dance 2020

Dad's, grandpa's, uncles, and special friends, take the little princess in your life out for an evening of dancing and fun!




Contact Information

Phone:  217-222-8579 Email: secretary@lcosj.org  Address:   3340 State Street, Quincy, IL 62301