Our Story - Part 2: 1873-1922

Pastor Seidel was followed by Pastor Louis Hoelter, who served from 1873 to 1878.  The congregation continued to thrive, and under his leadership the Young People’s Society was formed.  From 1878-1892 the church was served by Pastor A. Willner.  During this time, the congregation reduced the burdensome debt and organized the Ladies’ Aid in 1880.  Also in 1880 a new pipe organ was purchased and installed in the balcony of the church.  The organ had to be manually pumped.  The janitor and older parochial school boys provided the power.

Pastor Louis Zahn succeeded Pastor Willner and served until 1901.  The church grew during Pastor Zahn’s pastorate.  He organized the Sunday School and was instrumental in having regular English services introduced.  In 1901 ground was broken for the erection of a modern school building, but Pastor Zahn did not live to see this work completed.  On May 26, 1901, Pastor Zahn died of a heart attack while delivering an address at the cornerstone laying for St. James Lutheran School, Quincy.

The new school building was dedicated on October 28, 1901.  School was held in the two first floor rooms for grades one through eight. On November 23, 1901, Reverend William Schaller was installed as pastor.  During his pastorate various improvements were made in the interior of the church.  In 1904 the church was redecorated and a new altar, pulpit, and marble baptismal font were installed.  In 1906 he accepted a call as professor at St. Paul’s College at Concordia, Missouri.  Reverend Theodore Walz served the congregation from 1906-1915.  In 1908 the congregation celebrated the fortieth (40th) anniversary of the dedication of its church edifice which was made debt-free that year.  In 1909 a new pipe organ was installed in the chancel.

Though the congregation’s earlier problems now had been overcome, the school experienced internal disunity.  Therefore, the school closed in 1911. Teachers serving the school throughout the years were:  Mr. H. Schuricht, Mr. Werner, Mr. R. H. Treiber, Mr. J.H. Hargens, Mr. Waschilewski, Mr. John Bruening, Mr. G. Eigel, Mr. H. Hoelter, Mr. R. Held, Mr. C. Scheiderer, Mr. Emil Brackmann, Miss Marie Waach, Miss Margaret Frei, and Miss Colleen Zelle.  The school’s closing presented another challenge to the church:  finding a new organist.  In the past, the teachers served as organist.  Following the close of the school, Miss Matilda Zelle became the organist and served for thirty-three (33) years.

Though closing the school was discouraging, the church continued to grow.  The congregation’s diamond jubilee was celebrated in 1912.  An increase interest in beautifying the church property led to building a canopy over the church steps, the rebuilding of the front porch of the parsonage, the construction of a retaining wall, and the laying of a sidewalk in front of church property.